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Blueberry: Escape Chaos Blueberry: Escape Chaos

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

So nice and shiny

It's clear some serious time went into every nook and cranny of the presentation here. Though, I'm afraid not near as much was spent on the gameplay itself. I'd recommend finding the fun before polishing to a beautiful shine next time.

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amPar responds:

Thanks, Fun factor is an opinion. I personally enjoy the game. That's why I made it. I knew it wasn't everybody's cup of tea when I made it but oh well, wasn't going to stop me from making it.

Dinowaurs Dinowaurs

Rated 5 / 5 stars

not stolen

I wanted to stay out of the reviews here, but it seems PMing everyone that says we stole the game is going to be futile.

If it's stolen, then the stealers (fucrate and I) must have stolen all the swfs (about 35), embedded linkbacks to Kongregate, created non-Kong specific UI elements and graphics, disabled the Kongregate specific APIs and enabled cross-domain loading off of Kongregate's servers. Also we would have had to upload to a new server off Kong's domain to host the 35-some swfs, so we'd of had to hack our way through their sftp without them ever knowing (impossible) so they'd continue to host the files.

No, we didn't steal it.

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